Having become an avid reader of Lotta Sandells blogg so I thought I might try something similar, more inspiration from my friend :-)

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Although don't expect daily updates !!

Have not exactly been good with my updates so here goes !!


Since I have really not been good this year with my news page, I think the best way is to summarise the year in one go.

2012 has been the year I seem to have said to many goodbyes, hoping that 2013 will bring a very welcome hello's :-)

Kaylen  ( Ch Atastar Easy on The Eye ) won her title at SKC after winning her 2nd cc, BOB and Group 4 at WKC, she was then retired as others things took over my life and dog shows and to be put on hold for a while, but else where in the world Sanjo (Am Ch Atastar Talk That Talk) won his Grand Champion title

Lilly ( Atastar Voo Doo Doll) made a return to the ring in  November and won the res CC at Eastern Counties PC

The show year ended up a good not when Panda ( Vicmars Absolutely Atastar) won the cc at Stockholm International in December


Kaylen was BOB with no cc's and managed a short list in the Group , so very pleased about that .

Southern Counties

After the highs of Bath show off to Southern Counties we went, Lilly won her class her class and Kaylen stood second out of two, as they say you cant win them all!!

Bath Show

Next show for us was a local show to where I live, Bath dog show, set in a beautiful showground. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day, the judge was Mrs Sandy Vincent, who is a breed judge. Lilly won post graduate and Kaylen won limit, then this was one of the most memorable days ever for me, Kaylen won the CC and Lilly the res CC, I have never done this before let alone with sisters, Sharon was BOB with Theo so a great day for all of us and one I  will never forget .


World Dog Show Austria

I want to compare my dogs to the rest of the World not just England, dog showing and breeding is global now, so I want to see how we measure up !! Last year we took Panda to the World Show in Paris, this year she stayed home and it was the turn of the young ladies,.  So with Darren Jennings, Kelvyn & Janice Harwood plus 3 standard poodles and 1 toy poodle off we went to Salzburg, Austria. The drive took about 16 hours with two of us taking turns to drive, although it was a long drive it was pleasant we took a stop on the way after the tunnel for the dogs to have a chance to potty and stretch their legs

After driving through Germany we came to Austria and some of the most beautiful  views I have ever seen , the Alps !!

I think it was almost worth the drive to see this , however there was a dog show to go to !!

Sadly no photo of baby Wanda the toy, she was in a strong class of juniors, being only 2 days out of puppy she looked a real baby up against the others, however out of a class of 8 she placed 2nd which I was thrilled about. Visa ,darrens silver junior won her class so a good start. Kaylen placed 2nd in Intermediate but was graded Excellent. Lilly had the strongest and biggest class of the day, She was graded Excellent and was placed 3rd in Open . Maybe not the greatest day but I was happy enough that we were all graded excellent, they are all very young right now and it was the biggest journey they have ever been on.


This weekend I took Kaylen to Birmingham National, the judge was Miss M Aikmen, we won the limit class and the res cc so a good day out for us, now we are getting ready for the World Dog Show held this year in Salztburg , Austria. We have a long drive ahead of us starting out on wednesday night.  I am really looking forward to this show, one to see how our dogs compare to the rest of Europe and to seeing our friends from other countries, its not just about going to compete but a chance to meet up and have a great weekend in a lovely country.


The year has started really well Kaylen went to the Poodle Club Open show where she was BOB and BIS, many thanks to judge Nichola Garbutt.

The next show out was Midland Counties Poodle Club where the lovely Lilly sister to Kaylen won her novice class, and Panda was second in a large open class, the judge was Angela Corish.

I just took Kaylen to the International Poodle Club , she won junior and the res cc, so that made for a lovely day out, also baby Wanda ( Atastar Don't Stop The Party) my toy poodle puppy won her class despite being very naughty and making me look like i had never shown a dog before !!

PCA 2012

Every year I try to get to PCA, it really is the place to go if you are a poodle breeder or just love poodles, each year breeders and handlers come from all over the USA to show at this show, and now also some dogs from Europe are starting to try their luck, this year I decided that i had a very young toy male  who is in size for the USA and see how we got on, he had to go a couple of weeks before to my friend Kay Palade as i could not get him on the same flight as me. Kay took great care of him and in the end because he shows so much better for her we decided she should  take him in. He really was the baby in the class , 2 days into the 9 to 12 month class which is a big ask for a little person who was making their debut in the show ring at the biggest poodle show in the world !! He did not place in the first 4 but i was thrilled with how he showed and behaved so that was the main thing, he is now going to stay in the USA with Kay to finish his American Championship title. His name is Atastar Talk That Talk   aka Sanjo.   :-)



It been a while since I updated this page so here goes, 2011 was'nt our greatest year for showing , we ended teh year with Panda winning the CC & BOB at Darlington from breed judge Mr S Vidler then we pretty much finished showing for last year. I finished up the year with a judging trip to Finland where i judged Dwarf, Miniature and the the Apricot & Silver Poodles, I had a fantastic weekend and found some really lovely dogs especially in Miniatures. the following week i went to visit my friend Lotta and her partner Peter in Sweden, we went to the Stockhlm show which is a lovely show held in December, it was lovely to sit ring side and watch the dogs , Lotta ended up BOB and BOS, then she went on to win the group so a great weekend,  then is was home to start the Christmas grooming rush, so no time off for two weeks !!


*Look For Something New*

I have been very lucky to have Multi Ch Diego Da Maya come and stay with us for a short time. He is a lovely dog to live and has a great temperament , he  gives some much needed new blood to my line and I  look forward to seeing what his puppies will be like to my girls early in the new year. 

*Rising Stars *

These are the two sisters from Ch Atastar Pussycat Doll for Alusio and Mutli Ch Dacun Kaylens He's A Heartbreaker

they are called Atastar Easy On The Eye ( Kaylen) and Atastar Voodoo Doll For Alusio (Lilly) who is owned by Janice & Kelvyn Harwood  and Darren Jennings who handles her.

Both have made a good start to their show life, Lilly has won her class at Bournemouth and been placed 2nd at Birmingham City . Kaylen was Best Puppy and Bournemouth and the Welsh Kennel Club. They get shown in different classes so only compete against each other for Best Puppy. Its not easy to show two at the same age and sex but they are both lovely but also very different in type.  But as their  breeder I would think that  :-)

*World Dog Show Paris 2011*

I decided to take Panda to the World Dog Show held this year in Paris, Darren also took his American Cocker. We went with our friends Janice and Kelvyn Harwood. I wanted to compete with dogs from all over the world and to see how Panda would compare, I would have been happy just to place in the big open bitch class, but it was our lucky day and we not only won the open bitch class but also the CAC which is like the CC in England. But when it came to best bitch it was not our day, the judge had moved us a lot and Panda thought he had seen enough so did not put all in for the challenge. It would have been nice to go further but I was more than happy to win what we did. You never know what your walking into when you compete overseas. I just wanted her to look nice and hold her own, which she did. I was very proud of her and it was even better that Sharon her breeder was there to see her big win as well. It was also great to meet up with all my friends from around the world. Then if the day could not get any better Harvey who is now co owned with Katarina Kojan and Lotta Sandell won the Open toy male class and the CAC in a very strong male line up so another great win. Many thanks to Katarina for taking such great care of Harvey and doing such a great job showing him.

The start of the year and with the extension finished thankfully we were up to our eyes in puppies, first the two sisters from Pussycat Doll then we had the blacks from another bitch who has never been shown. But the most exciting was the silvers after the long trip to sweden again to breed to a male there. We could not have been more lucky when we had 5 girls and 1 boy !

 January seen us at Manchester under breed judge Carol Charles, Panda was 2nd in open bitch next we were off to the Poodle Club with Liz Cartledge judging standards. Panda won open and the res cc then a long break until Crufts where I have to admit I was not bothered about going, . We managed 2nd in open again behind a very nice bitch from Sweden. But we had fun as my dearest friend from Sweden came to stay, so for 41/2 days the Huffish circus was in town !! We had a lot of fun but it was very tiring. The week before Crufts we had a visit from Kay who was here to judge Boxer Dog Of The Year, so that turned out to be a night to remember !! Sore heads all round the next day !!

 No shows again as the next show Panda was lame so we could not go.

Then it was off on my yearly trip to PCA this is an absolute must for any serious poodle breeder. As usual there were some lovely dogs and some amazing dogs, it was a chance to catch up with old friends who I only ever get to see once a year at PCA, as always i had a great time but missed some of my friends who did not make it down this year.We had to leave straight after judging and head for the airport as I was judging here in England two days later.

To say that coming from PCA where presentation is high and handling ability is beyond most peoples dream, it was a bit of an eye opener to judge the English standards. I don't expect professional standards but at least be able to run to the oak tree at the end of the ring and back in a straight line !!  :-)

I had a nice day and found two very nice poodles to award the cc's to.

Another long break then until Bath show where I wish I had not gone, Anita Bax was the judge, the weather was dreadful, I feel sorry for this Society as they always seem to get bad weather. panda is now cut out into continental the shampoo I washed her in reacted badly with the damp weather and she did not look great , I probably should not have shown her. She was cold I was cold and we really didn't put on a great show, we ended up 3rd in open bitch but probably that's where we should have been.

 Next was Southern Counties and we had a judge from Finland RAINER VUORINEN, the weather was great and Panda looked good, we managed 2nd in what turned out to be a very hot open class !! This show also seen the debut of Atastar Voodoo Doll at Alusio who is owned by Janice and Kelvyn Harwood and Darren Jennings, Lilly put on a good show but was not a steady as she could be so settled for 2nd place today, she has a lovely side picture and great carriage and we have great hopes for her.



                           Panda and Lilly stepping out at Southern Counties , love the front extension on both


             Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone


We have babies , please look on the puppy page !!

The last show of the year and it was Panda's long awaited turn, she made a great start by winning open bitch and the

Res cc from breed judge Linda Baker- Barker. Great way to end the year, look out for Panda next year.

Ok well we have not been to any shows since Midland Counties however I  did take a trip to Sweden

I drove to Belgium via the tunnel then flew up to Copenhagen in Denmark. I took Aurora our silver bitch to bred to a very nice silver male . many thanks to my new friend Linda Isgren of the Calies silver poodles who kept me entertained and drove us around.

While I was there I went to the Danish Poodle Club show and showed Linda's lovely silver bitch for her. She went BIS under breed judge David Allen from Spain


Then it was the long trip back home, so now fingers crossed for silver babies in the New Year

A week later and Fern once again wins the bitch cc at Midland Counties show form all round judge

Ferelith Somerfield bringing her total to 4 cc's.

Big congratulations must go to good friend Sharon Pine-Haynes  and Ch Vicmars Rave On who not only won the

Utility Group but went on to win Res Best In Show !!

Panda Theo's sister will be starting out her show career very soon

 Next a road trip to Belgium to collect the newly crowned Swedish Champion

Atastar Harvey Nic's and his co-owner Mikael Nilsson.

October 24th is going be a memorable weekend for Atastar

Harvey was shown and presented by Micke and won his all important 3rd cc making him

Swedish/ English Champion Atastar Harvey Nic's

many thanks to breed judge

Louise Wingham-Fisher

the day just got better  when

 Fern won her 3rd and crowning CC and BOB

once again many thanks to breed judge

Debbie Evans-Holder

Fern then went on to win

"Best In Show "

a big thank you to John Harry-Griffiths

what a fabulous weekend !!


Ch Atastar Pussy Cat Doll  finally had her puppies

two girls !! Both black both doing very well.

18th October Polly  return from her stay in the USA

Am Ch Atastar Shut Up And Kiss Me

the same weekend Thomas left for the USA

and to join his owners Kay Palade & Ginny Dorris


Birmingham Fern once again won open bitch but was spooked by the floor so went no further

Fern won open and the res cc at WKC under all rounder Albert Wight



August 2nd 2010

Mutli Ch Torpaz  It'll Be All White

"Romeo" celebrates his 14th  birthday

these photos were taken by Lisa Croft-Elliot

in May this year. Romeo is still in good health and loves

his daily walk, truly a great dog and a great sire


Happy 14th Birthday Romeo



Leeds Fern won a strong open class but today was not her day the cc and res went to younger bitches


I had seen several nice young standards at the Swedish Poodle show and the World Show in Denmark, every time I looked at the breeding the same male seemed to be the father. This male ended up Best Of Breed and group 2 at the World Show.

His name is  Multi Ch Dacun Kaylens He's A Heartbreaker. (Thomas)

 I really wanted to breed one of my bitches to him, which would mean a trip to Sweden, however I had the chance of having Thomas here with me for a few weeks before he returned to America, so a few phone calls and our road trip was organised. Kelvyn Harwood and I made the road trip from England all the way to Malmo in Sweden to collect Thomas. Now we wait for a bitch to come in season lets hope we get some nice puppies !!!

Windsor has no cc's for Standard Poodles, Fern was Best Of Breed judge Andreas Schemel and made the short list in the Utility Group under Liz Cartledge

The next show for us was Blackpool, I was going to be away at the World Show in Denmark so Darren took Fern and Panda for me, Sharon ,Panda's breeder, showed her in junior where she was placed 2nd :-(  however the day got better when Fern won limit with Darren and then went on to win her second CC. The judge was Lee Cox (Vanitonia)


A few days later Fern went to Three Counties Show, no cc's on offer for standard poodles. The judge was Gill Peak , Fern was Best Of Breed then went on later in the day to win group 4 under Stuart Mallard, not bad for a young lady !!

Southern Counties today the judge was Andrew Brace . Fern and Panda both won their classes again and both were short listed to the last three for the CC, Fern won the  res cc !! &  Panda's brother Theo won the res dog cc !!

Fern Southern Counties

 Bath was our the second outdoor show for Atastar this year. Cathy Lawton-Anderson was the judge.  Panda made her first appearance in junior handled by Sharon her breeder, she behaved very well and despite the strong competition she won it !!

Fern also won the limit class , although neither went any further it was a good day for Atastar.

 short video of bath show for Panda and Fern


Panda and Sharon

 Romeo also came along to have his photo taken by Lisa Croft -Elliott

photos to follow

Also more news from America,  Atastar A Carbon Copy At Kaylens  is now a American Champion and still only a puppy!!

Harvey was Best of Breed first time out !!

Harvey has now settled with Micke and Fredrick in Sweden and will attend his first show there very soon


The year started out pretty quiet show wise for us, Tux was retired and had just one more outing which was Crufts so now it is the turn of my young bitch Fern and Jason.

We managed a few low placing at the indoor club shows, Fern was a little to wild for indoor rings where the floors are slippery  and you have to rely on mats. Jason really did not put all in so it was decided with Vicky his owner that after Crufts he would be cut down and retired. I think his value will be much more as a stud dog to us. He is dominant for black , also NE , VwB , Eyes all clear. Plus SA and hips.

He was bred to Ch Atastar Pussycat Doll who had 3 lovely black males she is also dominant for black and has same clear health testing as Jason so all puppies are genetically clear for NE, VwB and of course will only carry the black gene.

For Crufts Tux made his last appearance in the UK , he ended up 3rd place  in open dog, you can see him in action on the youtube link below

Jason shown by Darren also placed 3rd in a big limit class

Standard Poodle Atastar About Time To Toriana @ Crufts 2010

The star of the day was Aurora who came out of retirement to be shown in Open bitch

she placed 2nd in a strong class and then went on to win the res cc !! Not Bad for a cut down silver !!!

She showed her heart out and never out a foot wrong . More youtube footage

Pandas litter brother Vicmars Rave On won his first CC from the puppy class, he is a Romeo son so we all had something to celebrate at Crufts this year. Well done Sharon an Theo

After another break we then headed off to WELKS for the first outdoor show of the year, we had a change of judge which we only found out about when we arrived at the show.

Theo won his second cc and Fern not only won her first first then went on to win the bitch cc!!!

RESULT !!!!!!!!!!

Theo was BOB and I was totally thrilled at how Fern showed, she clearly prefers outdoor rings !!

The judge was Mr Geoff Corish,  as you can see they are very similar in type and big smiles all round

Fern is by Am Ch Torpaz You Can't Hold Me Down who is a Romeo son.

The same day was very sad for us as Tux flew back home to his owners in Florida, at least I was going to get to see him when I flew out to PCA to show him as a Special. Showing at this show makes me very nervous, when your standing in a ring full of professional handlers and beautiful dogs all showing their hearts out you just hope you don't mess up !!

Tux once again put on a flawless performance and nailed his free stand at the end and I didn't trip over or run the wrong way


We made the first cut which I was pleased to do in such competition along with two other males all from our set up so heads up team Kaylens !

It was also great to see the little toy bitch Atastar A Carbon Copy At Kaylens that I co-bred and co-own place 2nd in the 6 to 9 months class, Cece already has her 5 point majors so is well on her way to her American title. Cece is a daughter of

Am Ch Atastar Shut Up And Kiss Me who is Harvey's older sister.

PCA is like Mecca to any serious poodle breeder and I try to make the trip most years, not only is good to see the dogs but also to meet up with friends that I really only ever get to see at this show. I always come home exhausted but full of inspiration. Looking forward to next year already !!

When I got back from PCA it was time for Harvey (Atastar Harvey Nic's) to fly off to Sweden to start his show career with his co-owner Micke Nilsson of Kudos Kennel . Harvey will return to the English ring in the future.

Multi Ch Torpaz It'll Be All White

one of the most influential sires of the last decade

"Romeo" now 13 1/2 is enjoying his last years with us, he likes his daily walk and still plays with his toys,

these photo's were taken at the end of January 2010.

Now I am finally up to date for 2010 !!!!

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Atastar About Time Too Toriana  " Jason "wins his first res cc at

Eastern Counties Poodle Club judge Stuart Vidler

also at the same show !

Congratulations also to Janice & Kelvyn Harwood on their first homebred Champion

"Alusio It Must Be Love"

Heidi was handled to her title by Darren Jennings


Ch,Am,Mex, Int Ch Kaylens By Invitation Only

"Tux" photographed by Lisa Croft Elliott

Tux finishes the Year  Winning



The Standard Poodle Club


AM Ch Torpaz Enriqo

a double "Romeo" grandson

 "Rico" is co owned with Kay Palade-Peiser

Am Ch Torpaz You Can't Hold Me Down

"Romeo" son

"Sid" is co owned with Kay Palade- Peiser




Birmingham and Tux wins  another CC & BOB


Welsh Kennel Club Harvey & Micke are at it again with CC number two while Tux wins  another CC & BOB 


Bournemouth and Tux win's the CC & BOB and goes on to group 4


         Paignton Tux wins BOB  ( no cc's) again and Atastar Harvey Nic's makes his debut as a Junior & in the co ownership

of Mickel Nilsson and wins his first CC ! way to go Harvey and Micke





Followed by a res CC at Leeds at the end of July

Two months later Tux returns to the ring at Windsor where he wins BOB (no cc's)


Tux wins his all important 3rd cc at WELKS this time handled 

by Darren


Tux wins his second cc at IPC & Res BIS


Philip wins British Dog Groomer of the Year

for the third time, this is the first time this has ever been achieved


Polly confirmed American Champion 


Aurora Wins CC number five at Darlington

earning her a place in history as the top winning silver all sizes ever !


Marlo wins C.C number five at Birmingham 2008

and has now returned to America


Polly on her first weekend out in the USA

wins three 3 point majors back to back aged 10 1/2 months from the

 open class!! Way to go Polly  handled by Kay Palade,

pictures to follow on Pollys webpage


Am/Mex/Int Ch Kaylens By Invitation Only

Dog C.C Winner Crufts 2008  

res c.c Border Union 2008

res c.c Leeds 2008


Tux & Marlo join the Atastar for the

2008 show season 

see more dogs page for photos


Max (IWS) wins Best Of Breed Crufts 2008


Aurora gains her crown in june 2008 the first 

silver bitch for nearly twenty years to do so