I live with on the outskirts of Bristol which is located in the west of England about 2hrs from London.

I am a C&G qualified  dog groomer and work from home which means I get to spend a lot of time with my dogs, as groomer I have had great success being the first dog groomer to win both

"British Dog Groomer Of The Year" &  "Eurogroom"

three times!!

I have also judged Groomer of the Year twice as well as Premier Groom and Eurogroom

 I only keep a small number of dogs as they all live in the house with us. I only breed a litter about every 18 months and usually only when I want to keep a puppy.

I was very fortunate to have such mentors  as  Pat Ashwell "Torpaz", Ann Coppage "Vulcan",  Roger Stone &  Graham Thompson  "Vanitonia" their advice and help over the years has given me a great insight  to the poodle

All my dogs are S.A tested and Hip Scored and have been now for many generations. I have now started to Eye Test , VwB  and Neonatal test our current dogs.

 Since starting out in poodles I have owned, bred or shown 30 English Champions with more overseas. It is my aim to create a family of dogs who are both similar in type and also sound and healthy.

 My dogs & judging has given me many friends around the world, and I have had the chance to see many wonderful poodles.

I have been lucky enough to work with other breeders from across the world such as my wonderful friends Lotta Sandell (Huffish) and Kay Palade- Peiser (Kaylens)

I award CC's in all size of poodle and have judged in all the Scandinavian Countries , Ireland, Russia and Israel. I also judged the Apricot & Red match at PCA 2009

Please take a tour of my website and I hope you enjoy my dogs.

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